Eve Springhall

Eve Springhall's work is mixed media in approach, creatively explaining narrative through painting. Conceptually, her practice and current body of work are underpinned by taking a research-based approach regarding issues that represent relationships between urban landscapes and the depiction of changing structures alongside the conflict of social issues. Eve's most recent body of work explores Middlesbrough, a location from which she takes direct inspiration due to my personal relationship with the place and indeed the people. Working on dominant large-scale pieces, her paintings aim not only to illustrate her thoughts but to dominate and conflict with space, imposing her views of the world upon her audience.

Currently, Middlesbrough town faces economic and social decline due to shops and industry closing impacted by the cost-of-living crisis; empty buildings stand alone, and streets become desolate spaces devoid of life. Eve aspires to continue to react to her surroundings to address her personal needs to produce work to communicate. Eve feels regional politics remain relevant to feed my inspiration and I hope to continue to research contemporary issues in order to continue to create.