Claire Harrison

Claire graduated from University of Northumbria with a B.A.(Hons) Fine Art, specialising in Sculpture. After a few years of practice, changes in her personal circumstances led her to re-train in Psychology and she spent 18 years working in the field of addictions in prisons and the criminal justice system. In 2017 Claire returned to Art practice.

About the Work

Mixed media Installation, Sculpture and Drawing.

Claire’s work is about the thresholds between the physical and spiritual, light and dark, seen and unseen. Those liminal spaces that occur at the edges of our human experience and cause us to reflect on our place in the Universe. Her Installations are time-specific, suggesting transient, physical existence and aim to create an intimate, embodied experience for the viewer, in which they are invited into a contemplative discourse, where their sense of the material and physical is disrupted. The work typically employs sources of illumination, reflection and darkness in contained areas that vary in scale; from small boxes to rooms. Claire often uses simple geometric shapes, such as cubes and spheres to express the laws of the physical realm in relation to the spiritual. Materials include wax, flames, copper and mirrored surfaces, to create reflections and illusions- designed to take the viewer beyond the physical realm and suggest an unseen, but present reality.