Platform Arts - Middlesbrough

These purpose built artists' studios are situated within Middlesbrough Train Station. The presitigious studios range from 162sqft to 430sqft with inclusive rents starting from approximately £105 per month. 

With fourteen artists oocupying the premises we are fully subscribed, any new applications will be added to our waiting list. 

Platform Arts are proving that there is room for creative businesses to expand and grow. The demand for these facilities also confirms that Middlesbrough is a great place to create and view contemporary art.

Artists within the studios include contemporary painters, printmakers, sculptors and craftspeople.

Platform Arts intend to make a substantial contribution to the creative identity of Middlesbrough and the North East region. Many of our self employed artists work on commissions and exhibit nationally and internationally whilst also facilitating community and educational projects both locally and nationally.

Lorraine Brown
Jan Hinchliffe McCutcheon
Eamon McGovern
Andrew Mckeown
Steve Simpson

Still life on Shelf Unpainted

Andrea Wells