Barbara Griffin & Graham Jarritt


Barbara & Graham have worked as a creative partnership since 2015. Their first collaborative work was a camera obscura which focussed images of the Riverside area of Middlesbrough. They then developed an exhibition built around glass photographic slides taken of animals in London Zoo in the early 20th century, using light boxes and combining images with poetry by two N.E. poets.  In 2019 this has exhibited in Hartlepool Art Gallery and Library, Blackpool Art College and at Berwick Literary Festival. It is scheduled for further exhibitions in 2020 in Edinburgh and Manchester.

Themes in Barbara and Graham’s work include the infinite depth of the commonplace, “found” objects and processes of change. They also have a leaning towards Sociology and the Social Sciences as partner perspectives to the artistic. Although their partnership work in no way restricts their working as an individual, their experience is that most creative, (and other) achievement is a result of cooperation and shared initiative.

Barbara is currently producing a series of works based on the Gas Holders in Cannon Park, Middlesbrough as part of an exhibition by four Teesside artists in March and April in KIR Gallery, Oberhausen, Germany.